Past Events


Teachers day

We wish all teachers a very happy teachers day. Wir invite all teachers of Goethe Institutes and Goethe Zentrums on 05.09.2021 at 12:00 pm. You can show talent and particpate in Open Mic Round.
We would look forward to hearing from you.
To complete the registration process, kindly fill this form:


Workshop on Shadow Puppets

The students of G.D. Matriculation School have participated and excelled in the Shadow Puppets Workshop



Get ready to listen to the magic of " BOSQUE MAGICO"

(An Evening Concert on 12th October, 2019)

KARTIK  MANI (World Percussion) (INDIA)



Entry Free : All are welcome!


Rethinking - Learning from Nature

Water, Fire, Earth and Air : without these there is no Life. People know this and they have made use of these elements. The result was progress.
But where are the limits of the growth?. Now that the Natural equilibrium has been destabilised in many places and has in some cases been lost forever-an Era of rethinking has now begun.

Opening hours : 20.08.2018 - 05. 09.2018 (Tuesday to Sunday)



Applying in Germany Workshop by ProRecognition

 "Applying in Germany " Workshop by ProRecognition

ProRecognition is conducting a Workshop "Applying in Germany " on 21st July 2018. 
Topics covered in the workshop : 
1. Building a personal brand.
2. Finding opportunities.
3. Creating appealing application documents.
4. Preparing for interviews.

Registration criteria for the workshop:
1. Background in Engineering, IT, Science, Medicine (or another German shortage profession).
2. At least 1 year of work experience.
3. German level of A2 or higher.

Venue : The Grand Regent Hotel.


Info session & Consultation by pro Recognition

Goethe Zentrum, Coimbatore is organising an Info session & Consultation by pro Recognition ( start your career in Germany with recognised qualification) on 19th July 2018.

Topics covered:
1. Job chances for various professions.
2. German language skills required as per job profile. 
3. Recognition of qualifications.
The info session is open to all.

Venue : GeeDee Auditorium

Time : 04 : 00 pm - 06 : 00 pm



DAAD Seminar

DaaD Seminar - Prospects for higher studies in Germany and Student visa procedures. Venue - Geedee Auditorium Time : 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm



Deutschland im koffer germany unwrapped june 2015

Between reality and clichés, people and options, opportunities and perspectives –German connects! Discover Germany and the German language through an interactive exhibition at G D Technical Museum! Was held on 01.06.2015-01.07.2015 (9.00 am to 5.00 pm)-(Tuesday to Sunday)